Inter Cranham FC

Thank you to our Sponsors & Supporters
The club could not operate without the kind, generous and ongoing financial support of our sponsors. Please support these businesses, individuals and organisations as they’re actively supporting the club and keep joining fees down.

Sponsors wanted !

Key benefits of sponsorship:

Corporate awareness: sponsorship will help in making your company’s more familiar to consumers across East London and Essex so it stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Brand / corporate image: sponsorship can help reinforce the message for improving children’s fitness and health.

Customer relations: sponsorship can also show that your company is an organisation that are good to do business with, and raise your profile among current and potential customers.

Employee relations: sponsorship can encourage company pride and loyalty, which helps attract and retain staff.

Community relations: sponsorship can show that you care about its community and are prepared to invest in the future and welfare of local people.

It is Tax efficient – Sponsorship is a form of advertising and can be deducted for as an expense.

We are always looking to increase our network of supporters and sponsors, so you if you wish to discuss this further, Please get in touch